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Project Management

The council is so diverse - and not just in its people. Our work processes are very flexible and varied as well.

Gabriel Soleye, Project Manager

Project Management

Gabriel Soleye, Project Manager

The council is so diverse - and not just in its people. Our work processes are very flexible and varied as well.

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Project Management

At Leicester City Council, the pace of change is unprecedented, as we develop the kinds of services that will benefit the people of Leicester. In Project Management, we’re at the heart of this transformation. From introducing innovative technologies, to looking at new ways of delivering services or developing different business models, we’re the team who are driving change.

By working with people and departments across the council to understand their needs, we help them to improve our services. And by building external partnerships with the NHS, police and fire services, as well as with private companies such as software providers, we analyse and develop creative solutions.

It’s about thinking on your feet, challenging the status quo and trying new approaches to see what works. It’s about grasping the importance of a wide range of issues and understanding the potential of the latest ideas. Most of all, it’s about testing and developing your creativity and innovative thinking in an environment that’s constantly changing and where your decisions have real life impact.

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Typical roles in Project Management

Business Analysts

We recruit Business Analysts at every stage of their careers. You could be an experienced Senior Business Analyst, with the ability to lead major projects and deliver transformation. Alternatively, as a new graduate with strong analytical skills, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to develop your knowledge and ability working on a variety of projects, with the potential to build a rewarding and successful career. As the council implements its change agenda, our Business Analysts support every department to ensure that we have the right processes in place to implement change. Whatever business area you’re supporting, you’ll be at the sharp end. From analysing business processes to assessing the potential impact of new technologies, you’ll ensure we continue to add value to the council’s work.

Project Managers

With so much change happening in the council, our project managers get involved in a wide range of areas. Join us and you could be helping to revolutionise the way one of our departments works, leading a major long-term project to introduce new technologies, or managing a number of different projects to improve council services for customers. For example, our current projects include investigating how we can apply technologies such as AI and robotics to enhance real lives.

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Focus on … Business Analysts

Join us as a Business Analyst and you’ll be at the forefront of the council’s transformation. Investigating new technologies, analysing the latest innovations and looking at the best ways to implement them to improve people’s lives, you’ll play a key role in taking Leicester forward. Working in an agile environment, you’ll enjoy the freedom to work autonomously and think creatively to develop innovative solutions that will transform both the council’s and the city’s future.

Meet some of the team


Senior Business Analyst

When I joined the council, I had no clear idea on what career direction I wanted to take. Through various roles, personal development and support, the council has shaped my career. Now, I’m in the corporate Digital Transformation Team. As the digital agenda evolves, we have the opportunity to totally transform services and improve the overall customer experience.

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Business Analyst

My role in the Digital Transformation team is varied, exciting, rewarding and continuously evolving by looking at new and innovative ways of working. One thing I’m surprised by is how future focussed and technologically ambitious the council is. It’s great to know that this local authority is determined to be competitive and advanced in its approach to digitalisation.

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Programme Management Officer

The working environment is very relaxed and supportive, whilst remaining professional and the culture’s friendly and cooperative. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t kept busy, though. It makes coming to work pleasant, which is a marked departure from my previous career experience! And we’re trying to do good and make positive change in the world, which is a worthy endeavour.

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Senior Project Manager

The council’s a great place if you wish to work in a large organisation. It takes a certain amount of time to understand the departments and business, but once you’ve been here a while, you’ll find it hard to leave. You become very passionate about making a difference to both staff and the citizens of Leicester.

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Transformation and Service Improvement Manager

The council’s constantly evolving to embrace new ways of working and technologies. My core strengths are around analysis and problem solving and there’s no shortage of opportunities to use, develop and apply them. I also enjoy the flexibility to explore new methods of working. I know nowhere else that offers so much variety and diversity of work.

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Current Project Management vacancies

Here are just some of the vacancies that we currently have in Project Management. Simply, click on the job title to find out more.

You can see all the jobs we have available by clicking the ‘Search all jobs’ button. But don’t forget, if you can’t find your perfect job right now, you can 'Register for job alerts'. That way, we’ll get in touch when a relevant job does come up.

We're always pleased to hear from talented people, so if you have any questions about the opportunities that we have available, or if there's anything else you'd like to know before you apply (or indeed during the application process), please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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